May 20, 2014

I have dental implants! I never need to see the dentist again!

One of the many questions we often are asked is, “Doc, if I get an implant, will I have to ever have to worry about that tooth again?” Great question. The answer is, “Yes, that implant is fused to your jaw, which is attached to your head.” Dental implants require maintenance just like everything else.

While dental implants are placed to replace a missing tooth and they cannot “get” cavities, dental implants just like teeth need regular hygiene visits. Plaque and tartar can build up around implants and do require careful removal to help prevent “peri-implantitis”. Peri-what? Peri-implantitis is a destructive inflammation of the bone and soft tissue that surrounds implants. It is bone and gum disease that affects the area around an implant.

Good overall oral hygiene and regular recall hygiene visits are the keys in maintaining dental implants. Implants enjoy success rates well over 98% when there is balance between proper placement and restoration along with routine recall maintenance.

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