March 1, 2015

I broke my tooth! Now what?

Did you just bite down on something and break a tooth?

Ouch! Now you have a broken tooth! What's worse is that you have an important trip or event coming up this weekend. You need to have this tooth fixed and fixed today. You cannot deal with a broken tooth right now. If this has ever happened to you, then you should seek services of a dentist today as soon as possible.

How can Willow Tree Dental help me?

One of the many conveniences of our office is that we offer CEREC cad/cam technology and we can now make same day metal-free crowns for our patients. We have the ability to make a restoration for a patient in one visit. With same day crowns, there isn't a need for a temporary crown or a second appointment to deliver the crown. Also, there isn't any uncomfortable impression material that you hold in your mouth for 5 minutes. For those patients that have ever had a dental crown the "traditional" way, this concept is revolutionary.

How is this convenient for our patients?

This type of treatment allows us to maximize our patients time in our office and minimize the amount of visits that they make to our office. Many of our patients, take time out of their busy schedules to come to our office. They want to do the most they can at this visit, so they have to miss the least amount of work or school.  With CEREC same day crowns, our office can generally address multiple things, like hygiene checkups or minor fillings, while we are waiting for the metal-free crown to be finished. With digital impressions and crown fabrication, we can virtually make a crown that is almost like the patient's existing tooth if they wish. What's better is that they don't have to wear an uncomfortable and sensitive temporary for a few weeks while the permanent crown is being made. They also do not have to come for a second visit, where they have to be numbed again to have the permanent crown placed. It's a win-win for everyone.

For more information about same day crowns or CEREC technology, check out our CEREC page.

CEREC same day crown and fillings - Before


CEREC same day crown and fillings - After












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