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Office Closed: Friday, December 23rd through Tuesday, December 27th

Seasons Greetings! We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our patients and team for their support this year. We wish you and yours a joyous holiday season. Willow Tree Dental will be closed Friday, December 23rd through Tuesday, December 27th. We will resume regular business hours Wednesday, December 28th and Thursday, December 29th.

What is a cavity?

What is a cavity? A dental cavity is, in its simplest form, the breakdown of healthy tooth structure into not healthy tooth structure. Our mouths are full of bacteria. As a result, some of these bacteria can cause tooth decay or cavities and some of these bacteria cause periodontal disease or gum disease. How do bacteria cause cavities? Cavity-causing bacteria thrive in an environment that is high in acid, high …Read More

Are Dental Xrays Necessary?

Are Dental Xrays Necessary? One of the things we sometimes hear from our patients is, “I really don’t want dental xrays, can’t you just do my checkup and cleaning for me.” This becomes a challenging task for us to complete a thorough dental exam for the patient. If we are seeing a patient for the first time, we often have little to no history on a patient. Without xrays, we …Read More

I broke my tooth! Now what?

Did you just bite down on something and break a tooth? Ouch! Now you have a broken tooth! What’s worse is that you have an important trip or event coming up this weekend. You need to have this tooth fixed and fixed today. You cannot deal with a broken tooth right now. If this has ever happened to you, then you should seek services of a dentist today as soon …Read More